Wetland Restoration

“It is the largest wetland restoration that the NRCS has ever engaged in Porter County.” noted chapter VP, Gary Brown. The project will restore portions of the 60 acre property to wetland as it had been before it was modified for farmland over 100 years ago by PCC member, Don Frame’s grandfather.  “Along with this restoration, the property will also feature frog ponds and a new access road. We intend to invite groups here for educational and recreational purposes; this property is quite diverse actually,” said Don Frame, “woodland, prairie, river, stream, and wetland are all represented here.”  Greenline will soon break ground and the chapter expects to finish the restoration this winter, in time for spring rains and thaw.
Update: 10/2017 Excavation and waterway gates with access road projects are completed. Heavy rains have filled the newly graded wetland and ponds. Spring should prove the value of this project when water storage is necessary and frogs should be plentiful in the ponds which will attract wetland birds and native wildlife.