Massauga Creek Unit of the Little Calumet Conservation Area

This land was donated to the PCC IWLA as mitigation for an adjacent unauthorized wetland fill as required by the US Army Corps of Engineers, Detroit District, under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act (33 U.S.C.) The parcel is primarily wetland and reduces runoff by storing water.
Urban sprawl is reducing tracts to unmanagaable sizes. The sprawl introduces non-native species that are often invasive and crowd out native plants and animals. In addition, the increased roof and road area increase runoff in the short term and reduce water flow during dry periods. At the same time increased flow of polluted runoff from roads and parking areas is increased and the buffering of the water channels by vegetaion is reduced.
The DNR Foresty Division of Indiana established guidelines for care of the 9.8 acres at the Massauga unit in 2012 for PCC.  It calls for maintaining forest health by reducing invasives in the understory to save trees and on the floor to promote native plant growth.
Exotics are capable of replacing this forest but with some work and time, this forest will be here well into the future. This parcel does not have hiking trails or a parking lot. It is meant to be a space for sheltering wildlife and promoting native species and forestation.