Family Nature Night program

The Education Committee of IWLA-PCC plans and executes Family Nature Nights for local schools of duneland indiana in porter and laporte counties.

The 2019-20 School Year starts the 8th year porter county chapter has been organizing Family Nature Nights. The program collects 12-15 presenters from our local conservation community. partners such as Indiana dunes state park, Westchester History Museum, Field Museum,  Porter County 4-H, and Humane Indiana Wildlife. each provides an educational live table experience with a rich environmental theme. families of the hosting elementary school are invited to visit these in a 1.5 hour event annually.

currently we are serving an average of 200 visitors per school in up to 11 schools. Yearly the program reaches over 2,000 visitors and takes 700+ hours of volunteer time to facilitate them.

We also organize Family Stewardship days on the weekends at our properties and at the locations of our local conservation partners. Stewardship Days are when we invite families to join us in outdoor stewardship like pulling invasive plants or planting native trees. Some stewardship days are filled with trying beekeeping or archery, clearing a new trail or playing learning games in a nature playground. 

*If you are a school, contact FNN school coordinator, Susan Swarner at

 *If you are a fnn partner or have a general question, fnn partner coordinator, annette Hansen at

Programming is on-going and dates are already scheduled through May, 2020.