Carol Cook Wetland Overlook

This is a two-acre parcel right on Burdick Road east of 575 East. It is mostly wetland except for the land closest to Burdick Road. It borders a big wetland that was created as part of the USDA Wetland Reserve Program. Our project began by working with the landowner to the west, (the owner of the WRP wetland,) and 3 local Eagle Scout projects coordinated to build a small viewing platform with bench seats.
An information kiosk to educate the public on the benefits of wetland conservation is planned. The property was purchased by the chapter for cash for education and to buffer the wetland and prevent development on the parcel. There are no conservation easements on this property.
Carol Cook Overlook is surrounded by private land — visitors please keep to the overlook platform only. This site is named in honor of Ms. Carol Cook; conservationist and artist of Northwest Indiana. PCC wants to thank Boy Scout Troop 929 of the BSA LaSalle Council for their hard work in clearing our parking lot, prepping the ground and building the ¬†overlook. Thanks also to the Discovery Trackers 4-H Club for their fundraising for the materials.
As first featured in the 2017 Indiana Audubon Birding Festival Locations Guide
SEE Wetland birds; Waterfowl, Wading and Shorebirds plus Sand Hill Cranes and Bald Eagles