In our attempt to make conservation easy, we have made it trivial.

                                                                                                            – Aldo Leopold

Conservation is a cause that has no end. There is no point at which we will say our work is finished.

                                                                                                           -Rachel Carson

In our attempt to make conservation easy, we have made it trivial.

                                                                                                                       – Aldo Leopold

Water has become a highly precious resource. There are some places where a barrel of water costs more than a barrel of oil.

                                                                                                   – Lloyd Axworthy

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous

                                                                                                                              – Aristotle

About Us

The Izaak Walton League was founded in Chicago in 1922 to save outdoor America for future generations. The League’s founders were avid anglers and named the organization after the 17th-century author of The Compleat Angler, a classic book about the art and spirit of fishing.

Mission Statement:

To conserve, maintain, protect, and restore the soil, forest, water, and other natural resources of the United States and other lands; to promote means and opportunities for the education of the public with respect to such resources and their enjoyment and wholesome utilization.

The Izaak Walton League pledge:

“To strive for the purity of water, the clarity of air, and the wise stewardship of the land and its resources; to know the beauty and understanding of nature and the value of wildlife, woodlands, and open space; to the preservation of this heritage and to man’s sharing in it;

“I pledge myself as a member of the Izaak Walton League of America.”

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aUGUST NewsLetter


8/17 August PCC Monthly Meeting 
1-3p Thomas Library 2nd floor meeting room


8/24 & 25 Aukiki River Festival
9a-5p Sat, 10a-4p Sun – Baum’s Bridge, Kouts


8/31 DNR Hunter Safety Course for Family Hunting Heritage
7a-7p Michigan City Izaak Walton Clubhouse


9/2 State Division Quarterly Meeting
9am-3pm Miller Chapter


9/14 September PCC Monthly Meeting
1-3p Thomas Library 2nd floor meeting room


9/17 Family Nature Night #1
6-7:30p Bailly School in Chesterton


9/21 & 22 Apple Festival
11a-4p Chellberg Farm, Porter


9/28 PCC Bike Tour 2019
11a-2p Read House to Carol Cook Overlook


To volunteer to help with anything that suits you; contact Annette Hansen 219-241-7431

Our Team

Gary R Brown
Phone - 219-464-8882 Contact for chapter information, corporate partnerships, and projects
Jim Sweeney
Vice President
Phone - 219-322-7239 Contact for Izaak Walton national, conservation activism


Bill Iltzsche
Project Director
Phone - 219-464-9850 Contact for information related to projects and properties
Annette Hansen
Executive Director
Phone - 219-241-7431 Contact for volunteerism, fundraising, chapter organization

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